Sellers helping sellers

We're making selling on Amazon as easy as buying on Amazon

As Sellers, we experienced the challenges in getting and staying ahead with Sponsored Ads on Amazon. Researching and configuring campaigns for hours at a time only to get disappointing results. We knew if we could develop a consistent formula for advertising we could help a lot of businesses sell more online. There had to be a better way to test and learn — faster. We founded Simpliworks to help match great products with the customers searching for them.

Our Values

At the heart of the Simpliworks mission is a strong commitment to the values we believe in.


We hold an unwavering commitment to innovation. We start with why? and seek truth through experimentation.


We seek to create simple solutions to complex problems and deliver customers intuitive experiences.


We value ownership in both work and life. We believe the most important step in growth is in owning your circumstances.


We are a team of self-starters who share a passion for excellence. Simpliworks colleagues think and do.


We seek diversity in thought, background, and experience. Our belief is diversity within teams creates the right environment for innovation.


 Malik McCray, CEO

Keith Jenkerson, COO

Udeh Onwuka, Chief of Innovation