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Simpli Campaigns

On-demand campaigns that drive explosive traffic to your products. Increase your ad ranks and lower cost of promotion with theme-based keyword targeting.

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Agile advertising

On-demand campaigns whenever, wherever

Prepare and schedule campaigns in advance or launch in the moment. Simpliworks Campaigns help you stay agile and respond quickly to changes in your strategy.

Targeting styles

Campaigns for every stage of a products lifecycle

Easy to manage campaigns structured around themes allowing you to adjust parameters seamlessly. Invest more in winning themes and quickly eliminate your bleeders.

An systematic approach to campaign building

Theme-based targeting

Target product-specific keyword themes that generate high traffic and help identify new keyword opportunities over time.

Long-tail targeting

Compete on less competitive keyword clusters around high traffic themes to improve ROAS and organic coverage.

Competitor targeting

Bid against your close competitors and market leaders to steal sales and improve your products category relevancy.

Blended into one winning campaign

machine learning

Data-driven keyword selection

Real-time keyword analysis and selection so new campaigns stay relevant. Adapt to new keyword trends and spy on what's working for the competition.

Simpliworks, works!